The Environmental Test Chamber simulates real field situations in a controlled manner, changing speed, air pressure, light, and temperature during tests. With the Environmental Test Chamber you have control of the analyzes with total security, as these are carried out in a controlled environment.



  • Temperature control – High volume optimized airflow system for greater control inside the chamber. A better air flow speeds up rates of temperature change and minimizes the temperature gradients of the device under test.
  • Humidity control – The innovative design of the humidifier and air duct combined with a solid state sensor ensures high accuracy and reduced maintenance.


An environmental test chamber can reproduce the most diverse weather conditions to which your product may be subjected. In the environmental test chamber, you can vary the temperature, humidity and altitude in controlled and repetitive conditions. From bench sizes for use in the laboratory, to large rooms, where you can place various equipment, that is ideal for your application.

For long-term tests, such as shelf-life tests for food or pharmaceutical products, the Environmental Test Chamber can simulate extreme temperature and humidity conditions. The temperature range is -84°C (-120°F) to +350°C (+662°F), maintaining a control accuracy of +/- 0.3 ° C after temperature stabilization. Relative humidity can be maintained between from 10% to 98% RH, with an accuracy of +/- 2%. Optionally with an air dryer, a humidity of 5% can be obtained at temperatures up to 20°C. If testing your product requires repeating several cycles of humidity and temperature variation for, environmental test chamber is the best choice.

The environmental test chamber, which corresponds to the quality of the equipment, is capable of reproducing the most diverse weather conditions that a product can be subjected to. It has models that serve sectors such as: industrial, pharmaceutical, military, electronic and aerospace. It can also be developed according to the specific needs of the customer.

A good quality environmental test chamber that provides excellent savings to customers, is resistant, has high performance and is an equipment responsible for adding to the activities in which it is used.


Yatherm Scientific is a company that acts as an authorized representative, responsible, qualified and has an outstanding role in the industrial and laboratory segment, due to the excellence with which she has been operating in the market. With its experienced, trained professionals and a structure prepared to meet the demand, Yatherm Scientific continues to provide technological, efficient options that certainly guarantee customer satisfaction.

Do you want to know more about Environmental Test Chamber, to achieve what is defined by your test standard, with the most suitable chamber size and performance required for your specific test need? You can visit yatherm.com to contact Yatherm Scientific’s expert team for any kind of help. You can buy high quality environmental test chamber for your product, in any industry.

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Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

Laboratory Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) For Long And Safe Storage of Samples

Summary: Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) is the best way to freeze dry samples of any biological kind for long term storage or staggered consumption purposes. They come with fully automatic temperature and vacuum controls.

Lyophilization is the process where test samples are subjected to freezing and vacuum in predefined temperature and environmental conditions. This is done in two stages. The first stage is sublimation or primary drying and second stage is desroption or secondary drying. With this process, the water content from the sample is removed completely, making the sample fit for long term storage.

This method is commonly used in production of freeze dried products including dairy, coffee, eggs, dried meat & fish and frozen fruits. It is also used in document recovery especially for moisture damaged papers like those that sank with the Titanic. Taxidermy is also a common area where freeze drying is used. Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) is the device specially developed for this purpose. It is made in different sizes and can be built in different sizes depending upon user requirements.

Common features of Freeze Dryer:

Most of the industry standard dryers are made to be as user friendly as possible. They are equipped with special validation ports and digital PID controllers. The devices are ready to use, and operators can plug them in any standardized power outlet. Commonly these devices are made in 2 to 50 liter ice capacity and temperature range can be defined at -40 degrees C or -110 degrees C. Precision vacuum control is used in these dryers and they are made using corrosion resistant material.

The cooling system in these devices is free of any CFC or HFC making it very environment friendly.  It comes with a factory fitted heating defrost system and a bottom mounted drainage system. Each device is generally put under 15- 20 days of Factory Acceptance Test in order to ensure effective usage and long life.

Common varieties of Dryers:

Depending upon the user requirement, Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) can be made in bench top designs or large size designs which can stand on a floor. Ice capacity of most common models is either 2, 3 or 5 KG. These devices can be customized for specific bio-products. The common choices include sensitivity to saline, enzymes, blood products, hormones and bodily fluids.

Common concerns of Dryer usage:

Many people who are untrained in using lab equipment tend to make costly mistakes. These dryers are special use equipment meant to be used by trained professionals. One important concern about the usage of these devices is knowledge of the melting point of the sample. Second common concern is the mistake of people thinking that colder is better. This can completely ruin some samples if they are not processed at specified temperatures. Another concern is that many times the operator may use wrong equipment unsuitable for the sample e.g. using a small machine for a large sample even though it may fit in the holder. Regular maintenance of the vacuum pump is another important consideration and so is the usage of inappropriate accessories.

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How Clean Cupboards and Biosafety Cupboards Work:

Clean cabinets, also known as ultra-clean workbenches, are widely used in industries such as biology, medicine, health, electronics, precision instruments, and measuring devices. Ensures a sterile, dust-free and clean operating environment.

The structure and principle of operation of the clean cabinet: the main components include the cabinet, the operating table, the front panel, the fan, the static pressure cell, the filter, the lighting, the germicidal lamp and the like. The external gas flows through the blower zone and the work area gas is positively pressurized to ensure that it is not contaminated by external gases. The clean cabinet can be divided into a horizontal laminar flow and a vertical laminar flow according to the flow direction of the gas. The specifications are simple, double, single-sided, and double-sided, can also be used in series.

Biological Safety Cabinet/ Biological Safety Cabinet:

Biosafety Cabinet is widely used in colleges and universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, health and epidemic contraceptive units, etc. They are the main cleaning equipment for microbial experiment operations that can prevent and protect the possible proliferation of toxic and harmful displaced particles during the experiment. Environmental safety also protects the samples from contamination during operation.

The biosafety cabinet protects the operator, the laboratory environment and the laboratory materials from the above-mentioned interventions in order to manipulate infectious materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains and diagnostic samples. Developed for the production of infectious aerosols and spilled liquids.

Biological Safety Cabinet Level:

Biosafety Cabinet Level 1: Corresponds to the function of the detoxification cabinet with filter to protect the operator and the environment.

Biosafety Cabinet Level 2: Protects the operator, the environment and the sample at the same time and is suitable for samples of security levels 1, 2 and 3.

Biosafety Cabinet Level 3: Protect the operator, the environment and the sample at the same time, the operating environment is completely isolated from the outside environment, with glove box, fully sealed operation, suitable for the experimental operation of high-risk samples.

Yatherm Scientific is leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end best quality scientific equipment, Biosafety Cabinet, furniture, cleaning systems, ventilation systems, equipment accessories, pharmaceutical instruments, heating and cooling equipment, testing equipment, clean room equipment, meters, test chamber, shaker for universities, laboratory, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research industries and public sectors, creation a comprehensive, safe and comfortable, green and environmentally friendly.

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Test Sieves


What is Test Sieve?

The test sieve is used for testing aggregate screen analysis, soil, rock, construction and filling materials, powder compounds, flour, seeds, powdered metals, foundry sands, coffee, minerals, chemical compounds, coal, artificial fertilizers and other particles or row materials in the laboratory, it is the most common laboratory research materials testing equipment. To be used for separation, fractionation or grain size determination.

The test sieve is employed in determining the size of solid particles. This technique is also called Granulometry. The laboratory sieve is used either in a column to determine a material’s particle size curve or singly for making a cut-off. In large diameters, the laboratory sieve can also be used to sieve powders. Test sieves are metal wire mesh pans made of stainless steel. Different industries use it for sieving, splitting and filtration. These are incredibly accurate for stress materials used in various types of particle analysis.

Laboratory Test Sieve Equipment Specify:

  • The dimensions of the frames.
  • The standardized openings.
  • Their respective tolerances.
  • The method of identification.

The Laboratory Test Sieve is made of stainless steel, has high efficiency and precision. Equipment specially developed for laboratory scale particle classification and analysis, always aiming to meet the most demanding requirements and standards in the market. Analyzed of this type are performed in laboratory procedures involving soil study and the manufacture of medicines, for example. Identifying particle size is essential for research results.

The process is carried out in a joint work of laboratory test sieve and sieve shaker. The sieves are deposited on the agitator, which will start the vibration, causing the material or particles to pass through the sieve size automatically.

What Are The Advantages of Test Sieves?

The laboratory test sieve is used for large variability programs because it reduces costs (less material needed and shortened test time) and lead time, without compromising the quality of the results.

Because it is not closed with a given sieve (the “standard closure sieve” of Bond’s test), the test can be used to simulate different sieves. This is particularly useful when large data sets where varying objectives of crushed product need to be investigated, and / or where final granularity has not yet been chosen.

Where to Buy Test Sieves?

Yatherm is a professional manufacturer and supplier specialized in pharmaceutical instruments, laboratory testing, heating and cooling equipment. Yatherm offers wide range of test sieves to grain size with models of various sizes and diameter to control your production at very reasonable price.

To meet your test sieve needs, you can rely on Yatherm to always provide you test sieves and replaceable mesh sieves with the highest quality products to guarantee perfect results. Stainless steel frames are available with your choice of stainless steel woven. To more information, please contact to Yatherm technical team.

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Laboratory Muffle Furnace

Know About The Working of a Muffle Furnace, Its Features and Characteristics

Yatherm Scientific is a company which designs and develops a complete range of scientific and laboratory research instruments which have the highest quality standards. Muffle furnace is a closed chamber laboratory instrument which is used for heating at high-temperatures ranging from 50°C to 1800°C with the help of Zirconia Fiber Board/Alumina Bricks. It is called as a box furnace because of its design and shape, as it doesn’t make any noise hence it is named as a Muffle.

Yatherm are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Muffle furnaces in India with the range of 900° C to 1800° C. The Muffle furnace is controlled by a programmable controller that has features of Ramp rate and soaking time.  SSR/SCR/Thyristor or a Transformer can be used as a medium for electric supply from the source to the heaters.

Yatherm is a well recognized brand in the field of 1800° muffles furnace which uses the high quality of graphite rods which works at the temperature of 1800°.

How does a high temperature Muffle furnace works?

Muffle furnace is made up of three parts namely: electronic control unit, the inner chamber and insulation. Electric resistance elements are used to heat the furnace chamber; it is also installed with door safety switch which helps to disconnect the power supply of the heater saving the heating elements and the chamber from the thermal shock. The readings on the LED display are given by the microprocessor PID controller which also controls the supple of the heaters.

Standard Features:

  • PID controller cum indicator
  • Firm in size
  • Easier to maintain and operate
  • Provides accurate values
  • Flap door/Lift door/Front opening door options are available
  • LCD/LED display
  • Low noise protection
  • High and over temperature limiter
  • Digital output available
  • Mainly designed based on the standards and principles emphasizing on the industry’s aesthetic values

Ideal characteristics of Muffle furnace:

  • Alloying
  • Metallurgy
  • Annealing
  • Heat treating
  • Atmospheric Processing
  • Incineration
  • Fusion
  • Melting
  • Ceramic
  • Rice laboratory
  • Development of coatings and ceramics
  • Heat treating steel parts and Gears
  • Development of coatings and ceramics
  • Glass blowing lab
  • Quantitative analysis and more

High Temperature Muffle furnace also known as a Muffle Oven is designed with triple walled structure for a long life and low skin temperatures.  The box furnace is customized in such a way that the 5-7 inches of insulation maintained in all the sides helps in avoiding the heat loss and low skin temperatures for the safety of the user. Yatherm furnaces come in SS 304/PCRC sheet with rugged construction & high-quality wheels that can be locked for better a performance & long life.

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Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven Instrument and its Utility in Multiple Industries

Hot air oven instrument is a product with multiple utility and works well in various industries because of its immense benefits.

With the advent of technology, things have become easy for the human beings and when it comes to the hot air oven instrument, it is in fact an exceptional product with wide applications in the laboratories, university and various other research centers. Some of the principal utilities of this type of oven is in the pharmaceutical as well as the textile industries.

The main work this oven performs in such industries is baking, dying as well as the depyrogenation. The reason is such places need the temperature rates fast and hot air oven instrument can zoom up to 300 degrees Celsius and that too within minutes of start. This oven also acts as a dry heat steriliser when the temperature is maintained from 171 degrees Celsius to 224 degrees Celsius. This is in fact the third method of sterilization that requires dry heat. For the dry heat sterilization, there is need of hot air oven for the destruction of micro-organisms.

Consult manufacturer and distributer for a quality product

You need to contact a supplier or distributor if you are interested in purchasing one hot air oven instrument or in bulk for business purposes. It is better to go for the rugged one as far as the constriction of this instrument is concerned. When you get the rugged one, you are assured of the accurate temperature maintenance.

Some top manufacturers make such ovens with the capability of 400 degrees Celsius working temperature and one of the best features about such ovens is the round shape air heaters with the imported motor for the circulation of the fan. Such hot air ovens have the capacity ranging between 45 litres to 2000 litres and there is also the availability of the single and double door.

Besides this, there are optional accessories and these include like HMI or PLC, Safety thermostat, Outer complete SS 304 with inner stainless steel 316. In India such hot air oven instruments are available at reasonable price with both certification as well as warranty. So no need to worry as far as purchase of this product in India is concerned. Apart from that, onsite as well as the after sale service is also provided.

Some of the exemplary features with the hot air oven instrument are mentioned below:

  • User-Friendly
  • Rugged construction
  • Up to 400-degree Celsius Temperature
  • All Safety parameters
  • SS 304 removable tray
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • High-Quality Imported Circulatory fan
  • DIN 12880 Class 3.1
  • ISI Mark Air Heaters
  • Validation Points
  • Double Walled construction
  • Mineral Wool Insulation
  • Zero Skin Temperature

Application of this instrument:

Hot air oven instrument is immensely beneficial for the food industry, pharmaceutical industries, chemical factories, hospitals, textile industries and many others.


Generally, the hot air oven instruments of standard have double as well as triple walled construction. Inner and outer construction coat is mild steel powder based.

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Fluid Warmer cabinet

Fluid Warmer Cabinet Explained Well

Fluid warmer cabinet is also known as a blanket warmer cabinet. This is a medical device that is popularly used in the healthcare sector to warm the blood products as well as the fluids at very high temperatures. The standard temperature for the process of the warming blood products is said to be at 37 degree and the warming cabinets will maintain the perfection. A good company will manufacture and supply the customized and standard fluid warmer cabinet that comes with the WHO standards and goes well with the temperature controller.

The benefits that speaks

Fluid Warmer Cabinet is very useful, and this will save the human body from the disorders like the hypothermia as the variations of temperature in the blood products can result into a higher or a lower body temperature. These cabinets consist of timer, US port and a temperature controller. There are the companies that design the warming cabinets for the blood as well as fluid in complete stainless steels that has the movable types of wheels. These cabinets are totally sealed, and they have the inbuilt circulation fan so that the temperature will be kept in a uniform manner ad there will be air heaters that will be helpful. There is a gasket that will save the cabinet from any type of temperature loss or the leakage. There is the blanket warming cabinets those are compact in nature and they are also very light in the weight. Also, they ae very easy to use.

How the use is made

Fluid warmer cabinet is used in the warming of fluid before the infusion in the body takes place. There are various kind of such blankets that can come in a few combinations. The combination warming blankets are multipurpose and they are big sized too. One can set the temperature for the each of the chamber as per the tings kept inside. One can get these chambers at the most affordable as well as competitive prices. There may be many designs to choose from.

The energy efficient and user friendly

Fluid warmer cabinets are very energy efficient and easy to use. These are made up from the best quality material and hence these last for a very long time. The temperature control will also be there. These can be used in the casualty departments or the operation theatres so that there can be a fast supply of the necessary fluids. These are easy to use and easy to clean too. There are round corners so that cleaning can be done with ease. These are very safe and hence there is no need to worry about the same. Do not worry for the safety issue as there will be an indicator for the temperature. It has a password protection and hence no need to worry about. Just get them and have a good time. If you have your own hospital, then they are the most useful for you.

Test Sieves

Test Sieves – The Perfect Quality is Right Here

Test Sieves are one of the most important parts those are used by many known companies. There are many companies those make use of the standard quality tools.  They are generally calibrated by the very good known labs in India. There are different types of sieves like the brass frame sieves, GI frame sieves, steel frame sieves and many more such types. There are also some of the customized types that can be used in companies for various important processes. These are available at the most affordable pries and they will be long lasting too. They are made up from best quality raw material and hence these Test Sieves will be durable. You can also ask for the test report and the company will get you the same. You need to also see the ingredients before you buy ones. You can also exchange the items later.

The Standard that Speaks

The sieves are made as per the standards and they are made up sing some microns. There are different shapes and sizes available like the round shape, rectangular etc. One can take those which are suitable for the process. Even these are available in various dimeters. Always they come with the test and traceability reports. The smallest size varies between the two inches to 6 inches and the construction will be done in the right manner. The standard sizes are there, and these are used in very large quantities.

The Application is here

There will be different analysis and one needs to keep them in mind. There will be analysis for the size, shape and many other factors. Also, there will be soil testing done. These will always meet the international standards. There is a huge variety and you need to get ones those are as per your choice as well as the needs. If you do not like anything from the list, then you can also go for the Customized Test Sieves and that can eb a better option. These are made as per the instructions by the customers. You need to tell the company people about your needs and then they will do the needful. Do not worry as these are of a very good quality and one can get them at the best possible rates. Some of them may be with frames while some of them may be without frames. You need to go for the quotation form and then the things will be done as per that.

The Best Standards are here

These are made up of the best standards and the quality. One needs to go through all the drawings and specifications and then decide which ones can be the perfect one for their work. Then they can have some price negotiations too. The item will be delivered for free. You can also give your reviews after you use them. The company will also get you the best after sales services. Just get the best products and have a better time.

Stability test Chamber

Everything You Need to Know About Stability Test Chamber

Lots of products are there in the market that needs to be stored, preserved and maintained in a safety chamber for good shelf life. In several industries, people need these types of chambers to keep their products in a particular atmosphere so that these sensitive products stay fresh and active for a longer period of time. Thus stability test chambers are quite popular in the manufacturing sectors across the world. In general, you can term a stability test chamber as a large scientific refrigerator that keeps important products intact and at per their actual condition maintaining the humidity and temperature of the product.

Keeping a controlled atmosphere is the key

Keeping pharmaceutical products in a controlled condition is very important. Stability test chambers mainly maintain the humidity of the pharmaceutical products in several companies. So who sets the measure of these chambers? Who controls and maintains the specification of these products? Well, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, The World Health Organization or WHO or The International Conference on Harmonization or ICH are some of the organizations that fix and maintain the quality and specifications of these products. Specification for different products is different for obvious reasons. All the specifications are available online on the websites of these organizations.

Preserving the procedure is not easy!

If you think that preserving a piece of medicine is an easy task when you are highly mistaken! The piece of medicine or the pill can change its chemical composition with the change of humidity, temperature, and other factors. So before putting the pill in the chamber, it gets tested several times using different methods. Potency, Purity, Quality, and Identity of the pill should be tested before it is sent into the chamber. Microbiological tests are run on the pill to know whether there’s any change or degradation of the pill in this changed atmosphere. Finally, the perfect temperature is taken out and is kept the pill in that temperature.

Consider the change in temperature

Say a particular medicine is prepared in the UK and it is shipped to UAE as per the demand of the patients. Now when then medicine is being taken from the UK to UAE, the change in temperature is huge. It feels like going from the fridge and entering straight into the oven. So the change is temperature is drastic and here the importance of the stability test chamber can be seen. Sometimes the shipment doesn’t move directly from the UK to UAE! Say sometimes the package visits the USA in between. So the change in temperature is drastic and hence the stability chamber plays an important role during the shipment as well.

Consider the C’s:

When you are going to buy a stability chamber, you need to consider the most important three C’s. You need to consider Construction, Conditioning, and Control. CFC free double wall mounted chambers with enamel exteriors are one of the most popular and common products available across the world. The change in temperature will be huge. So the chamber must contain uniform temperature and humidity distribution system. A microprocessor unit is added to the chamber. This smart feature keeps the humidity and temperature as per the desired format. So these are some of the most essential features that a stability test chamber must possess.


Everything You Want to Know About Laminar Air Flow

What is laminar air flow?

Laminar air flow is basically a system that can circulate filtered air in panels which are parallel flowing. They are mainly used in hospital and other health care institutions. The people who work or lives in these places are exposed to air contamination and having a laminar airflow system, reduces the chances of acquiring it. The system also helps in preventing contamination due to bacteria and other contamination that might be caused due to chemical fumes.

How do they work?

The laminar air flow system mainly works with air that is moving with the same speed and direction with lesser cross-over of air streams. They help in getting a dust free and contamination free by sweeping the particles on a single direction, from the cleanest to the exit area. This design would ensure that the cleanest area is closest to the upstream of the face of filter.

Types of Laminar air flow

There are basically two types of hoods in the laminar air flow system, which are as follows,

Vertical- they are mainly featured with a filter system that is top mounted. The air in this system is pushed vertically and this helps the users to protect themselves from air contamination. The filtered air flows from the top of the device down to the working area. The user also needs to be in protected clothing so as to enhance his protection from all the harmful materials.


  • The floor space required to install this type of laminar system is quite less.
  • They are the best suited for compounding all sterile products.
  • As the filter is on top hence it is much easier to access.
  • The effect of turbulent is much from air striking larger objects is much less here.


  • As they are located overhead, cleaning them might be a bit difficult.
  • Items could not be placed at top as it might block the flow of air.
  • The turbulent effect of air striking is quite increased.

Horizontal- the air flow for this system occurs horizontally and goes to the users. This would keep the air contamination free and the users also do not need to wear any protective clothing.


  • The turbulent effect of air striking is much lesser.
  • Much easier to work and clean


  • Large objects might restrict the laminar flow of air
  • It might blow fumes or powder directly to the face of the operators.

Where are they used?

As mentioned earlier they are mostly used in hospitals and other medical institutions like pharmacy, operation room, pharmaceuticals, IVF, path labs etc.

Things to remember

  • While working with these devices make sure that all the written instructions are nearby.
  • Always check the hood before you start working with any of those dangerous chemicals.
  • The flow hood should always be placed in an area that has the minimal traffic.
  • It should always be checked that there are no obstructions in the exhaust system of the laminar air flow.

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