Horizontal Autoclave Comes With Many Exciting Features

Autoclaves are steam sterilizers that help in killing germs and microorganisms with the application of heat. The need for sterilizers spread across the industry, and besides the medical industry, it has usage in the food and pharma industry, the chemical industry, research institutes and universities, animal testing labs, primary health centers, mushroom spawn production, and testing centers. But such autoclaves have to be of high quality, meeting international standards like ASTM. Also, if they are made in India, they can be not only easily avail;able but also far less costly.

Horizontal autoclaves that meet standards

The horizontal autoclaves that are available here come in both round and rectangular shapes. They meet the international standards like ASTM, and are suitable for use in NABH-accredited testing facilities and medical centers. They come with triple walled construction, being made out of stainless steel 304 variety. They are equipped for low water and power consumption as well as a fast heating rate. Another advantage is recycling the steam used for the first cycle during the second cycle as well by storing it into jackets. This autoclave ensures that the samples are completely dry at the end of the required cycles.

The horizontal autoclave also come with microprocessor based PID controller with the help of which the temperature, timer and alarm buzzer can be set up. There is double LED display also provided. These features ensure that the temperature is maintained at 121OC and 15-20PSI of steam pressure, which are the required parameters for the efficient working of the autoclave.

Value added features

Besides the high-end basic features that make the horizontal autoclave a popular one in the industry, it has many other advanced features too. For instance, a made-in-Denmark pressure controller is a unique addition to this device. It helps to monitor the pressure and keep the device safe for the user. There are facilities to have one door or two, depending on the need of the user. In both cases, the door is fitted with a radical locking provision that makes sure that it cannot be opened either under positive or negative pressure. The door can be opened only once the inside pressure attains normal atmospheric pressure.

The horizontal autoclave is also fitted with a trolley that is either made out of stainless steel or mild steel. It is a very essential component that is designed to ensure that there is no contamination among the samples placed inside. The speed of steam purge is controlled by the multi-port valve. It also controls the steam transfer from the jacket to the chamber, vacuum exhaust and the slow exhaust. The moisture trap ensures removal of all water vapor from the chamber before the end of the sterilization process while the vacuum breaker ensures safety of the device by disallowing creation of vacuum inside, for which there remains a possibility when the condensed steam settles on the jacket and the chamber.

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A BOD Incubator, also called a Biochemical Oxygen Demand or Bio-Oxygen Demand Incubator, is laboratory equipment that aims to maintain an excellent control of the temperature inside a chamber where we place the samples.


The BOD Incubator developed for exact temperature control in incubation work, determination of the level of pollution, efficiency of treatment systems, insect biology studies, among others applications.

A BOD incubator serves so that conditions similar to a human body are created and controlled, thus allowing receptivity over time, that is, that the same conditions are repeated several times and always with the same control. Of course, due to its high control capacity, the Bio Oxygen Demand incubator is also used for research and development of optimized incubation conditions.


One of the main applications of the BOD incubator is animal cell culture. This cell type requires very controlled conditions for its growth and proliferation in vitro (IVF). Therefore, to maintain optimal conditions for cell growth and proliferation, these parameters must be well controlled. And use for plant growth, germination, incubation of biological cultures. This incubator is also used in drug research in the pharmaceutical industries, molecular laboratories, hematology, dermatology and cancer-related research.

It is noteworthy that the ideal conditions for cell growth also favor the growth of microorganisms that can contaminate the samples, and minimizing these risks is essential for a better quality of work, for reducing costs and material losses. Therefore, the equipment must be chosen with caution, observing the conditions to minimize the risks of contamination.


The Laboteck, an Indian provider of BOD incubator, climate chambers and incubators for various applications. All of them have high quality of construction and operation, thus guaranteeing clients peace of mind and a work with excellent and consistent performance.


  • Direct heating: no water jacket. Leak-free, less maintenance, longer service life and even quick recovery of working parameters!
  • Infrared sensor: error free and high accuracy
  • Anti-microbial external paint
  • Adjustable door hinges for perfect closing
  • Heated door to eliminate condensation
  • Continuous indication of current temperature
  • Use of high quality and polished stainless steel
  • Ease of work: handles on the sides, rear castors and adjustable front feet
  • Excellent thermal insulation, thus promoting the lowest energy consumption
  • Precise temperature control, no overshooting (over temperature).
  • Glass door with perfect closing system, without losses.
  • Exclusively heated water tray, thus ensuring stable relative humidity
  • Optional advanced controller: user menu, magnetic door lock, data log and graphic menu, relative humidity indication, etc.
  • Various accessories for customization: glass door with divisions (reducing the impact on the environment when placing or taking samples)

Are you looking for a BOD (Bio Oxygen Demand) incubator? You can visit and ask for a quote or, if you still have questions, talk to Laboteck experts for better support. You can buy high quality BOD Incubator for exact temperature control in incubation work. 

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Vacuum Oven is a high temperature technology equipment and fully sealed chamber that heat samples in the presence of air or other gaseous atmosphere. They work over a wide temperature range, and that’s why they are also called high temperature ovens. It can be used in various applications, such as hardening, casting, material testing and chemical analysis of complex substances or in the quantification of metals, whether in laboratories or industries.

Vacuum Ovens are available in a wide variety of configurations and temperature ranges. The vacuum oven has a simple and conservative design, which makes this type of oven very versatile and trouble-free. These are constructed with a heavy gauge steel housing and low density heating elements, plus lightweight ceramic fiber insulation, making these ovens suitable for any industrial or laboratory application.


Types of Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven can have different applications: incubation, sterilization, drying: conventional, vacuum or forced ventilation and development with emphasis on several characteristics that can be controlled inside the chamber: humidity, photo stability, gases, temperature.


Look for a model with a maximum temperature higher than that required for testing. This ensures greater accuracy and uniformity during operation, as well as longer service life, as the thermostat, controller and heating elements do not have to work as often or as often.


Heat is distributed throughout the chamber of a laboratory Vacuum Oven, either by gravity convection or forced ventilation.

Gravity convection ovens depend on differences in temperature and density in the air for circulation in the chamber, and this can result in dead spots. These ovens are ideal for simple drying applications or in cases where strong drafts can displace light sample materials. They are generally cheaper to buy and operate.

Forced ventilation stoves have fans that actively distribute air through the Vacuum Oven chamber to produce uniform heating.


The internal dimensions of the chamber are an important factor to consider.


Uniformity in a laboratory oven is a measure of how consistent the temperature remains at various points in the chamber. Hot or cold spots affect overall accuracy and may affect test results.

Power Supply

You must know the capacity and configuration of your electrical supply and the type of connection required to the stove before purchase.

Recovery Time

Opening the oven door frequently to add or remove samples puts an additional load on the system while trying to compensate for heat loss. A short temperature recovery time is a desirable performance feature, but it requires additional power. If your specifications demand a high level of uniformity and accuracy, a shorter recovery time will be important to you. Otherwise, heat loss can be satisfactorily controlled by limiting the door opening frequency and maintaining an adequate sample charge in the chamber.


Many laboratory greenhouses feature stainless steel interiors and shelf construction to resist corrosion and deterioration. If your materials aren’t particularly corrosive, you could consider a model that has a galvanized or galvanized steel interior as an economical option. Double wall construction and good insulation make the oven more economical to operate, more uniform and operate with a cooler outer surface for greater safety.

Control Options

Many controller options are available in Vacuum Oven, from simple analog dial controllers with bi-metal thermostats to highly accurate programmable digital models with self-diagnostic, logging and calibration functionality, some even with remote web access. Cool stuff, but you’ll have to balance the cost of the features with the benefits. If your laboratory is understaffed, it will be helpful if your stove has set points for temperature protection and remote, automatic, or time-definite operation.


Yatherm Scientific is a company specialized in the commercialization of quality control equipment and high vacuum technology products, services, solutions and technical assistance for Laboratory or Industry and Research (R&D). If you are looking for the best Vacuum Oven. You can visit and contact to Yatherm Scientific experts! It’s free and without obligation.

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biosafety cabinets


If you are thinking of setting up a laboratory or a handling pharmacy, you will certainly need equipment that guarantees the quality and safety of the production processes and the professionals who will work on them. Do you want to know more about bio safety cabinet and how to choose and buy right one. Check out here!

The Bio Safety Cabinet, also known as Laminar Flow Cabins or Biological Safety Booth (CSB), have been developed with the aim of providing a sterile environment allowing manipulation securely biological or sterile materials, which cannot suffer any contamination originating from the environment or still the one who is manipulating these certain samples.


Bio Safety Cabinet or Biological Safety Booth (CSB) provide effective primary containment for working with infectious material or toxins when they are properly maintained and used in conjunction with good microbiological laboratory practices. Biological safety cabinets (CSB) are generally used as primary containment when working with biohazard agents, minimizing operator, product and environment exposure. Many biohazard agents require the use of chemicals and radioisotopes in their analysis. Depending on the volume of chemicals and radioisotope used, modifications are required in the structure of the Bio safety cabinet or in the construction of the cabin exhaust system, which may include a carbon filter, since the absolute filters or HEPA filters do not retain vaporized or sublimated chemicals.

These Bio safety cabinets (CSB) are specifically designed for the needs of pathologists and histotechnologists. Like a traditional exhaust fan, these cabinets have a front air leaf and a rear deflector to direct incoming air through the work area and away from the operator.

Workstation protection is provided through a continuous flow of air inward, known as inflow, which helps to prevent aerosols from escaping through the front opening. The exhaust air that remains in the laboratory or sent directly to the external atmosphere passes through high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) to protect the environment. Protector workstations are designed for outdoor ducts and are available with or without a built-in fan. If there is no viable way to ventilate outside, there are models with a built-in fan that use specially treated carbon filters. These filter packs maintain low concentrations of toluene, xylene, formalin, formaldehyde, restoring clean air to the laboratory.


In general, biological safety cabinets are grouped into three classes:

  • Class II A1: 70% of the air is recirculated and 30% renewed and exhausted to the interior of the laboratory;
  • Class II A2: 70% of the air is recirculated and 30% renewed, but exhausted to the external environment of the laboratory;
  • Class II B2: 100% air renewal. How to choose the most suitable equipment

To choose between laminar flow and biological safety cabinets, you need to take into account the risks offered by the possible microorganisms handled. Below are some examples cited by the consultancy quality?

  • For weighing food and beverage samples and dilution preparation, the laminar flow cabinet is sufficient.
  • For inoculation of samples in analysis of indicator microorganisms, the Class II A1 safety cabinet guarantees the safety of the analyst and the environment.
  • For inoculation of samples in analysis of pathogenic microorganisms, the Class II A2 security cabin is the most suitable.
  • The Class II B2 biological safety cabinet is best suited for handling biological samples contaminated by viruses and other disease-causing bacteria, such as tuberculosis.


At Yatherm Scientific, offering best laboratory equipment with quality and innovative technologies. If you need help choosing the right Biosafety Cabinet that best meets your needs, visit at and speak to expert team of Yatherm Scientific.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

What Is An Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer?

In the manufacturing industry there are variants for everything be it any areas and when it comes to an electronic appliances you can find different models and each one has different quality. Let’s now talk about ultra-low temperature freezer as this is also a refrigerator but what makes it unique is the lowest temperature it can go to keep the goods inside safe. Its lowest temperature starting from -80 degree to -86 degree to keep the products safe specially the molecules which are kept in the laboratories. There are some of the major features of the ultra-low temperature freezer and they are as follows:-

Major Features of (ULT Freezer) Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

  • Temperature Stability and Uniformity– This freezer is designed to maintain he temperature stability inside it to product the molecules and all the other medical industry related products or equipments.         
  • Intuitive Color Touchscreen Controller– This newly designed and advance ultra-low temperature freezer comes with the touchscreen feature which is attracting the customers in all the filed in terms of gadgets and electronic appliances where you do not have to press any button for it instead you can easily touch and with the help of sensor it will start working. Moreover it looks more elite these days to the consumer.       
  • EZlatch One-Handed Door Handle– It is an easy opening freezer with very light weight and not like those old fashioned bulky freezer which used to come with heavy body and the user used to find it difficult to open it in the time of need. These are EZlatch one-handed door handle which can be handed easily.
  • Sustainable, Natural Refrigerants– This machine is totally safe for all kind of freezing as it does not contain any artificial refrigerant and you can preserve anything for a longer duration of time without worrying about losing the essence.       
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified– This machinery is certified with ENERGY STAR® which is a trusted as well as verified organization where all the experienced people and experts work to find out about the products durability.       
  • Energy Efficient– The users are mostly concerned about the energy the machine will consume in order to work whole day and provide desired service for which it is designed. In that case this ultra-low temperature freezer is most energy efficient and can be active whole day with equal cooling.    

This machine is very much suitable for different field where the goods are required to be kept in cold and dry places especially those samples which are easily perishable. Our ultra-low freezers provide safe preservation of stored samples in a variety of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Hospital
  • Research & Development Labs
  • Medical Use
  • Blood Storage Bank
  • IVF centers
  • Storage of seafood
  • Production Facility
  • Aviation Sector

Conclusion- In the above article we have learnt that an ultra-low temperature freezer is most suitable for medical industry where the operational equipment or the samples are kept for different kind of experiment and analysis for medical purpose.

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The Environmental Test Chamber simulates real field situations in a controlled manner, changing speed, air pressure, light, and temperature during tests. With the Environmental Test Chamber you have control of the analyzes with total security, as these are carried out in a controlled environment.



  • Temperature control – High volume optimized airflow system for greater control inside the chamber. A better air flow speeds up rates of temperature change and minimizes the temperature gradients of the device under test.
  • Humidity control – The innovative design of the humidifier and air duct combined with a solid state sensor ensures high accuracy and reduced maintenance.


An environmental test chamber can reproduce the most diverse weather conditions to which your product may be subjected. In the environmental test chamber, you can vary the temperature, humidity and altitude in controlled and repetitive conditions. From bench sizes for use in the laboratory, to large rooms, where you can place various equipment, that is ideal for your application.

For long-term tests, such as shelf-life tests for food or pharmaceutical products, the Environmental Test Chamber can simulate extreme temperature and humidity conditions. The temperature range is -84°C (-120°F) to +350°C (+662°F), maintaining a control accuracy of +/- 0.3 ° C after temperature stabilization. Relative humidity can be maintained between from 10% to 98% RH, with an accuracy of +/- 2%. Optionally with an air dryer, a humidity of 5% can be obtained at temperatures up to 20°C. If testing your product requires repeating several cycles of humidity and temperature variation for, environmental test chamber is the best choice.

The environmental test chamber, which corresponds to the quality of the equipment, is capable of reproducing the most diverse weather conditions that a product can be subjected to. It has models that serve sectors such as: industrial, pharmaceutical, military, electronic and aerospace. It can also be developed according to the specific needs of the customer.

A good quality environmental test chamber that provides excellent savings to customers, is resistant, has high performance and is an equipment responsible for adding to the activities in which it is used.


Yatherm Scientific is a company that acts as an authorized representative, responsible, qualified and has an outstanding role in the industrial and laboratory segment, due to the excellence with which she has been operating in the market. With its experienced, trained professionals and a structure prepared to meet the demand, Yatherm Scientific continues to provide technological, efficient options that certainly guarantee customer satisfaction.

Do you want to know more about Environmental Test Chamber, to achieve what is defined by your test standard, with the most suitable chamber size and performance required for your specific test need? You can visit to contact Yatherm Scientific’s expert team for any kind of help. You can buy high quality environmental test chamber for your product, in any industry.

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Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

Laboratory Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) For Long And Safe Storage of Samples

Summary: Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) is the best way to freeze dry samples of any biological kind for long term storage or staggered consumption purposes. They come with fully automatic temperature and vacuum controls.

Lyophilization is the process where test samples are subjected to freezing and vacuum in predefined temperature and environmental conditions. This is done in two stages. The first stage is sublimation or primary drying and second stage is desroption or secondary drying. With this process, the water content from the sample is removed completely, making the sample fit for long term storage.

This method is commonly used in production of freeze dried products including dairy, coffee, eggs, dried meat & fish and frozen fruits. It is also used in document recovery especially for moisture damaged papers like those that sank with the Titanic. Taxidermy is also a common area where freeze drying is used. Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) is the device specially developed for this purpose. It is made in different sizes and can be built in different sizes depending upon user requirements.

Common features of Freeze Dryer:

Most of the industry standard dryers are made to be as user friendly as possible. They are equipped with special validation ports and digital PID controllers. The devices are ready to use, and operators can plug them in any standardized power outlet. Commonly these devices are made in 2 to 50 liter ice capacity and temperature range can be defined at -40 degrees C or -110 degrees C. Precision vacuum control is used in these dryers and they are made using corrosion resistant material.

The cooling system in these devices is free of any CFC or HFC making it very environment friendly.  It comes with a factory fitted heating defrost system and a bottom mounted drainage system. Each device is generally put under 15- 20 days of Factory Acceptance Test in order to ensure effective usage and long life.

Common varieties of Dryers:

Depending upon the user requirement, Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer) can be made in bench top designs or large size designs which can stand on a floor. Ice capacity of most common models is either 2, 3 or 5 KG. These devices can be customized for specific bio-products. The common choices include sensitivity to saline, enzymes, blood products, hormones and bodily fluids.

Common concerns of Dryer usage:

Many people who are untrained in using lab equipment tend to make costly mistakes. These dryers are special use equipment meant to be used by trained professionals. One important concern about the usage of these devices is knowledge of the melting point of the sample. Second common concern is the mistake of people thinking that colder is better. This can completely ruin some samples if they are not processed at specified temperatures. Another concern is that many times the operator may use wrong equipment unsuitable for the sample e.g. using a small machine for a large sample even though it may fit in the holder. Regular maintenance of the vacuum pump is another important consideration and so is the usage of inappropriate accessories.

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How Clean Cupboards and Biosafety Cupboards Work:

Clean cabinets, also known as ultra-clean workbenches, are widely used in industries such as biology, medicine, health, electronics, precision instruments, and measuring devices. Ensures a sterile, dust-free and clean operating environment.

The structure and principle of operation of the clean cabinet: the main components include the cabinet, the operating table, the front panel, the fan, the static pressure cell, the filter, the lighting, the germicidal lamp and the like. The external gas flows through the blower zone and the work area gas is positively pressurized to ensure that it is not contaminated by external gases. The clean cabinet can be divided into a horizontal laminar flow and a vertical laminar flow according to the flow direction of the gas. The specifications are simple, double, single-sided, and double-sided, can also be used in series.

Biological Safety Cabinet/ Biological Safety Cabinet:

Biosafety Cabinet is widely used in colleges and universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, health and epidemic contraceptive units, etc. They are the main cleaning equipment for microbial experiment operations that can prevent and protect the possible proliferation of toxic and harmful displaced particles during the experiment. Environmental safety also protects the samples from contamination during operation.

The biosafety cabinet protects the operator, the laboratory environment and the laboratory materials from the above-mentioned interventions in order to manipulate infectious materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains and diagnostic samples. Developed for the production of infectious aerosols and spilled liquids.

Biological Safety Cabinet Level:

Biosafety Cabinet Level 1: Corresponds to the function of the detoxification cabinet with filter to protect the operator and the environment.

Biosafety Cabinet Level 2: Protects the operator, the environment and the sample at the same time and is suitable for samples of security levels 1, 2 and 3.

Biosafety Cabinet Level 3: Protect the operator, the environment and the sample at the same time, the operating environment is completely isolated from the outside environment, with glove box, fully sealed operation, suitable for the experimental operation of high-risk samples.

Yatherm Scientific is leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end best quality scientific equipment, Biosafety Cabinet, furniture, cleaning systems, ventilation systems, equipment accessories, pharmaceutical instruments, heating and cooling equipment, testing equipment, clean room equipment, meters, test chamber, shaker for universities, laboratory, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research industries and public sectors, creation a comprehensive, safe and comfortable, green and environmentally friendly.

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Test Sieves


What is Test Sieve?

The test sieve is used for testing aggregate screen analysis, soil, rock, construction and filling materials, powder compounds, flour, seeds, powdered metals, foundry sands, coffee, minerals, chemical compounds, coal, artificial fertilizers and other particles or row materials in the laboratory, it is the most common laboratory research materials testing equipment. To be used for separation, fractionation or grain size determination.

The test sieve is employed in determining the size of solid particles. This technique is also called Granulometry. The laboratory sieve is used either in a column to determine a material’s particle size curve or singly for making a cut-off. In large diameters, the laboratory sieve can also be used to sieve powders. Test sieves are metal wire mesh pans made of stainless steel. Different industries use it for sieving, splitting and filtration. These are incredibly accurate for stress materials used in various types of particle analysis.

Laboratory Test Sieve Equipment Specify:

  • The dimensions of the frames.
  • The standardized openings.
  • Their respective tolerances.
  • The method of identification.

The Laboratory Test Sieve is made of stainless steel, has high efficiency and precision. Equipment specially developed for laboratory scale particle classification and analysis, always aiming to meet the most demanding requirements and standards in the market. Analyzed of this type are performed in laboratory procedures involving soil study and the manufacture of medicines, for example. Identifying particle size is essential for research results.

The process is carried out in a joint work of laboratory test sieve and sieve shaker. The sieves are deposited on the agitator, which will start the vibration, causing the material or particles to pass through the sieve size automatically.

What Are The Advantages of Test Sieves?

The laboratory test sieve is used for large variability programs because it reduces costs (less material needed and shortened test time) and lead time, without compromising the quality of the results.

Because it is not closed with a given sieve (the “standard closure sieve” of Bond’s test), the test can be used to simulate different sieves. This is particularly useful when large data sets where varying objectives of crushed product need to be investigated, and / or where final granularity has not yet been chosen.

Where to Buy Test Sieves?

Yatherm is a professional manufacturer and supplier specialized in pharmaceutical instruments, laboratory testing, heating and cooling equipment. Yatherm offers wide range of test sieves to grain size with models of various sizes and diameter to control your production at very reasonable price.

To meet your test sieve needs, you can rely on Yatherm to always provide you test sieves and replaceable mesh sieves with the highest quality products to guarantee perfect results. Stainless steel frames are available with your choice of stainless steel woven. To more information, please contact to Yatherm technical team.

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Laboratory Muffle Furnace

Know About The Working of a Muffle Furnace, Its Features and Characteristics

Yatherm Scientific is a company which designs and develops a complete range of scientific and laboratory research instruments which have the highest quality standards. Muffle furnace is a closed chamber laboratory instrument which is used for heating at high-temperatures ranging from 50°C to 1800°C with the help of Zirconia Fiber Board/Alumina Bricks. It is called as a box furnace because of its design and shape, as it doesn’t make any noise hence it is named as a Muffle.

Yatherm are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Muffle furnaces in India with the range of 900° C to 1800° C. The Muffle furnace is controlled by a programmable controller that has features of Ramp rate and soaking time.  SSR/SCR/Thyristor or a Transformer can be used as a medium for electric supply from the source to the heaters.

Yatherm is a well recognized brand in the field of 1800° muffles furnace which uses the high quality of graphite rods which works at the temperature of 1800°.

How does a high temperature Muffle furnace works?

Muffle furnace is made up of three parts namely: electronic control unit, the inner chamber and insulation. Electric resistance elements are used to heat the furnace chamber; it is also installed with door safety switch which helps to disconnect the power supply of the heater saving the heating elements and the chamber from the thermal shock. The readings on the LED display are given by the microprocessor PID controller which also controls the supple of the heaters.

Standard Features:

  • PID controller cum indicator
  • Firm in size
  • Easier to maintain and operate
  • Provides accurate values
  • Flap door/Lift door/Front opening door options are available
  • LCD/LED display
  • Low noise protection
  • High and over temperature limiter
  • Digital output available
  • Mainly designed based on the standards and principles emphasizing on the industry’s aesthetic values

Ideal characteristics of Muffle furnace:

  • Alloying
  • Metallurgy
  • Annealing
  • Heat treating
  • Atmospheric Processing
  • Incineration
  • Fusion
  • Melting
  • Ceramic
  • Rice laboratory
  • Development of coatings and ceramics
  • Heat treating steel parts and Gears
  • Development of coatings and ceramics
  • Glass blowing lab
  • Quantitative analysis and more

High Temperature Muffle furnace also known as a Muffle Oven is designed with triple walled structure for a long life and low skin temperatures.  The box furnace is customized in such a way that the 5-7 inches of insulation maintained in all the sides helps in avoiding the heat loss and low skin temperatures for the safety of the user. Yatherm furnaces come in SS 304/PCRC sheet with rugged construction & high-quality wheels that can be locked for better a performance & long life.

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